Sample Cover Letter To Employment Agency Or Executive Recruiter

In a cover letter to an employment agency or executive search firm, you should always mention your current or most recent salary, as well as your willingness to relocate for a position.

The following is a sample of a cover letter that you might send to a corporate headhunter:


Mark Jacobson

618 City Park Avenue ♦ Hometown, AZ  85005
(602) 506-3209

February 4, 20__

Dear Ms. Carlson,

I am forwarding my résumé, as I understand that you specialize in the profession of accounting.  As you may have heard, the management structure of __________ will  be restructured in the near future.  While I am excited about the future of the company under the new management, I have decided to make the change an opportunity for personal professional change and growth.

I have many years of experience that make me well suited for a position in finance management in any medium-sized service firm, but I am open to any opportunities that you believe that I am suited for.  Although I would prefer to be able to remain in Arizona, I would consider moving to other parts of the country if the opportunity justifies it.  I am currently earning $70,000 per year.

I have included a copy of my résumé for your review.  In the event that you are conducting a search for someone with my background or skill set at the present time or in the near future, I would greatly appreciate your consideration for the job opening.  I would also like an opportunity to discuss my background in greater detail with you over the telephone or in a personal interview.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Mark Jacobson

Mark Jacobson-signature

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  1. This is a very nice sample,tips and guidelines on how to write a cover letter
    .Thanks for sharing it with us.I’m pretty sure a lot of people out there will find this blog of yours very helpful.

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