Sample E-Mail Response To Online Job Posting

Online job postings are some of the most popular ways of searching for jobs, but simply submitting your résumé to a résumé data bank is typically not enough to get you hired.  Sending a cover letter announcing your qualifications and your contact information will make a significantly greater impact toward getting the job.

Cover letters for online job postings can be submitted in e-mail form, and consist of the main text of the e-mail.  The following is a sample e-mail response to an online job posting:



From:  Jonathan Edwards []
Subject:  Administrator/mgmnt/mktg/acctg/planning/personnel


Dear Ms. ______________:

I am responding to your job listing on for a law firm legal administrator.  I wrote to you on (date) about the law firm administrator position in the __________ metropolitan area.  I have included another résumé detailing my employment history and educational background.  I am extremely interested in this position.

During the last ten years, I have been a legal administrator for two law firms, each with twenty-five attorneys.  Also, I have been a law firm consultant for the past two years.  Before my law firm experience, I was a medical administrator for more than five years.  I believe that all of my experience will allow me to successfully manage this position for the law firm.   I have the  marketing, management, accounting/budgeting, financial planning,  computer, personnel, and people skills that will have an extremely positive effect on this law firm.

I will be in the ____________ area later this month, so hopefully, we can get together at that time to discuss the position.  I look forward to hearing from you, Ms. _________, about this position.  Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jonathan Edwards
(212) 555-5555


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